Saturday, December 15, 2012

Congadulations,your cow had a calf!

Many of you own a share of Beauty (209) and for you 12-12-12 was a very special day. Beauty gave birth to a healthy bull calf. Around here we prefer heifers, but a strong healthy calf is top after that. Beauty will soon be joining the milking cows again and is in very good health. She looks like she will once again be a great producer.

I will try to find time to post a picture for you. Please feel free to stop by and visit him.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Out of controll hen

I told you about the hen on the car. This hen is just always looking for trouble. I get up at 4:30, when hens should still be sleeping. 

A couple days ago, I get up, and when I hear a critter rattling the water pail I go in the bathroom and fill it. Our 2 rambunctions kittens are only 9 weeks old so they need water to the top of the bucket in order to reach it.

I went to the basement and grabbed the clean wipes for the milk house, and back up stairs to get ready.

I hear a wierd noise in that same bathroom....I am around enough animals to know their sound meanings. This is a complaint that someone is too close to them. Not a dog growl... maybe a cat growl?

I walk in the bathroom the scond time I hear the complaint because I can't quite put a finger on that noise.

Stop in your tracks and let your jaw hit the ground!

There is that hen! Yes someone is too close, the kittens are between her and the door, she thinks she is cornered.

But wait!! I was just in there
where did that hen come from
and why is there a chicken in my house?!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Was that just a bad dream....asks the hen

I have been complaining about a hen that always get out and sleeps in my garage. I guess she got the message and moved to another shed. One without lights! I decided to take the spare car to the farm at 4am to run the cows off the pasture. Just after I pulled out of the drive I heard something fall off the car (maybe a branch?). On my way back to the house I saw something on the side of the road, but it's still dark out. I got half way up the drive (ours is rather long), when it hit me.....was that a chicken? I back down the drive and head down the road to find a hen sitting on the edge of the road, still. I stop and get out to take a look. She's alive, but kinda laying on her side, and it obviously scared the you know what out of her because there is a pile of it behind her. Story ends with the hen realizing she is not dead, it was a night mere, she jumps to run, I catch her, carry to the car, bring her home and put her back in the coop where it is safe to sleep.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Duane!

I'm in shock today. I am now married to a 60 year old man! How is that possible? He thinks it's funny that this would affect me when he is that got so old.

Well, however it happened, I still love him and am glad I married him. He really doesn't seem that old to me.

Today we will take his parents out to dinner with us to celebrate. Imagine how they must feel having a son that is 60!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Where have I been?

Sadie and Janet with Big Boy
I have been so busy that I have not taken time to write anything. Here's what I have been up to.

A month ago Sadie and I stopped in one day to see my mother in  law. One thing Janet used to do back when she drove, was take Sadie to Big Boy. So that's what those two wanted to do. Back then, Janet took a picture of Sadie with Big Boy at least a few times a year. I figured it was time for another one.

We got a lot more pasture fenced in. My brother wasn't liking beinging home alone so soon after losing his wife. As a good sister should, I saw a way to make that work for both of us. He spent a few weeks making some great changes on the farm for us, I paid his bills off. It was also just fun for both of us to spend time together like that. Karl has never been around a farm to this degree. He actually enjoyed our cows. Besides the fence, he cleaned out the top of a batn to be turned into an office for me, along with room for storage. He took the siding off the freestall barn to allow better air flow for the cows on those super hot days we had. He also did a lot of little repairs that are always needed on an old farm.

Someone shot a heifer at 3 o'clock one morning that was almost due to calve. She lived 12 days, the vet thought she had a good chance of making it. Once she went into labor things went down hill fast. Apparently the strain of pushing out a calf caused something inside to burst. No, we don't know who shot her or why. They shot her with steal goose shot, so it was never meant to kill her, just evil, and cruel.

My inherited friend, Cheree came for a visit. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but she organized my garage and basement for me. When we remodeled the kithchen, stuff got moved to the basement and garage. It's one of those projects that drive you nuts because they aren't done, but when you are farming they never make it to the top of the priority list. In fact, I had told her I would help, but the truth is I got pulled away to do so many things, she pretty much did it all herself.

Last week Sadie ripped the side mirror out of it's socket on the Suburban. That will be a $300 fix. Everyone asks why she did it. Who knows why Sadie does what she does, it's the fun of living with autism. Actually, these moments are rare enough to make her more fun than frustrating.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did I mention that I love my grill?

I just love my grill, it will grill, smoke , steam, and bake! So here is something I baked on my grill.

I started with some chopped up onions,

 grated sharp cheddar,

 and some crumbled crispy bacon,

add a dash of season salt.

Then you whip up some eggs

with some good fresh milk

Mix it all together,

pour in into a buttered casserole dish,

place it on a good grill for 35 minutes,
and wha la...perfection.

I think this is such a simple recipe and tastes so yummy. I hope you try it, I think you will like it too. And what an easy way to serve a crowd without making toast for 10!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sadie with the cows

This morning I took Sadie with me to milk the cows. After about an hour she started to get tired of watching me. She asked if she could go pet a cow she could see laying in the free stall barn. My first thought was that she might go out and get them all stirred up, not good. Then I remembered that when she brings them off the pasture with me, they seem to take notice but nothing more. For those that don't know, cows get spooked and stressed very easily. I decided to let her go to the cow warning her to move slow and not scare the cows.

Sadie returned after a few minutes smiling and laughing and telling me she rode a cow. I find it hard to believe, but go along. She askes if she can go ride again. I let her go and decide to sneak a peak when, as she's leaving I see that her back side really is dusty like you get riding bareback. Sure enough, she is running and singing "Old McDonald had a farm" and goes right in the barn and sits on a cow!

It just amazes me every time I see this behavior. If you walked in my barnyard and swung your arms without even making a noise, these cows would run for the hills. But Sadie runs, sings at the top of her voice, and sits on them and they don't mind at all. If you look real close you can just see the nose of another cow walking in the barn looking at Sadie. It's like they know that she is not the same as us.

Another thing that happened in the barn with Sadie today.....We have a cow that for some reason is a devil to milk. She kicks like nothing I've ever seen before, down right crazy. I finally get the milker on and here comes Sadie. She starts petting that cow and telling her "it's okay cow" and the cow doesn't mind at all. If we just touch the cow she slams her leg at us!

So all in all, Sadie had a great day milking cows with me. I had fun watching her enjoy the cows.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Milk bottles

I am so happy to have our new milk bottles in. They are new, tempered glass with our logo on them, but just like the old fashion bottles, even with a wire carrying rack. If anyone is interested in one of these fine bottles, please go to our website.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


While I was up at my brothers house I got to spend a lot of time with Teresa's other best friend of 20 years, Cheree. Oh I've met her before, always heard stories about her, but never "really" got to know her till the end of May. Her and Teresa were going to come to the farm this month, so I invited Cheree anyways.

What fun we had! She has never been on a farm, but don't think that makes her a prissy girl. She dove into everything with me. She even helped me pull a calf that a cow was struggling with. She got to drive a team of work horses. She helped design a back patio for us because we spend so much time grilling in the summer, and she took some great pictures at the farm.  We enjoyed the pool with my kids, and cooked up great food on the grill.

They say for everything lost, something is gained. I have to admit that gaining Cheree does soften the blow of losing Teresa. One crazy thing happened while she was here. It was a moment that her and I sat alone on the porch talking about Teresa. (Teresa had a favorite song "three birds") All of a sudden 3 birds flew down on the drive in front of us, chripped about something they had, then 2 flew aff and one remained with us for a moment longer. It's what Cheree had asked Teresa to do before she passed. Send us 3 birds to let us know you are okay.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new system

Even though my husband is afraid of any change in his life, he tried something new today. I have been putting up pasture with lots of lanes designed in for moving cows and heifers. Today when I asked him to grab the trailer and help me move bred heifers, he suggested we try my lane system!

We sorted out the older girls that should be calving in 3 to 4 months and walked them down the lane and into the dry cow lot. It went perfect, no big stress for them or us. Now they can get used to being moved in and out of pasture, give them a chance to befriend a cow or two, and help me keep a close eye on when they are ready to deliver.

I think my nutritionist would say it is healthier for the cow and calf. That matters to me as much as her happiness. I'm sure the two go hand in hand.

Brown Swiss

Last fall we bought some Brown Swiss and Jerseys from a neighbor. They finally had their calves, 2 healthy new heifers!

The Brown Swiss are as big as our Holsteins, but maybe thicker boned. These calves are so big. Even Duane was taken back a bit by these stealthy little girls.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not quite that easy

This will be short and to the point. That's how I like to deal with too serious of matters. I either make light of it with a joke or shoot straight to the point. I'm one of those people who try not to be sappy, but yet I find I am still filled with much emotion and love for my people ( being friends, family, neighbors, just about anyone really).

I just lost a friend that I have had for 30 years. I am a very loyal old dog, once your mine, you stay mine forever (no matter how you feel about it). Teresa and I were friends way back in Jr high and stayed that way til the end, so she knows way too much about me. She was the "emotional basket case" friend and I was the "rock solid reality" friend. I think age has made me soft!

I had an idea that I would be sad to see her gone, but just move on with my life as I always have. Some how I am doing that but with great heart ache, which just doesn't seem like me. I always had to be strong because she was so darn emotional, without her here I guess the need to be stoic is gone.

Teresa was very strong in her own way. She fought cancer like no other. More than once she would say she was tired, but she had a list a mile long of things she wanted to get done while she was still here. Even when the doctors said she was down to a couple days she was planning a motorcycle trip with her cousin!

Okay, that's all the sap I can share. I love Teresa and will never stop thinking of her and wondering if she is watching me and laughing at my tender side.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glenn gets to help this year

First, I have to laugh at myself. I get interrupted and lose track of what I'm doing all the time. I was letting Glenn read my last post when I realized that I had posted before I actually finished my story. I was only going to say that farming cannot be looked at like a job, it is a life style choice.

We are very busy this spring. Every spring is busy, but this year my father in law is in a care home after a small stroke. He is doing great and should be home this week, but even then the doctor said no field work for Lauren! Not having his help is a big adjustment for my husband, they have worked as a team all his life.

Time for Glenn to step up to the plate. Our son Glenn has been wanting to help on the farm as long as we can remember. Finally his dad has been asking him to help. Glenn is so proud to help his dad. He has disked a field for him, run the culipacker, and picked up stones with the skid steer. Yesterday he had to go mow a hay field! He did a good job and the rows are nice and straight. I knew he could do it, but out of desperation his dad had to give him a chance to prove himself.

There is nothing like a kid getting to take pride in himself. Glenn is proud of his work and thrives on having his dad proud of him. So many people think that having a kid work is mean, but they don't realize how much they are actually depriving the child. And we wonder why there are so many kids getting into trouble, at least they get recognition from their peers that way. Kids need to be told they are great, we need to make a choice at what they are going to be great at.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm Kids

My favorite time of day has been my quiet time, moving the cows out of pasture all by myself. Just me and the girls moving slowly back to the barn. I love hearing their feet drag throught the grass, it sounds like a flock of birds taking flight. I compare it to that because one day at 4 in the morning when I went to get the girls it was only a partial moon and I had forgot my flashlight. When the herd first took off walking I thought I had actually stirred up a flock of birds before I realized it was the cow legs draging in the tall grass, not wings flopping in the air.

Now I bring Sadie with me in the afternoon to gather the girls for the evening milking. Sadie loves it, and the cows really seem to enjoy her as well.

I have also handed Glenn the job of putting the girls out on pasture. Glenn has big ideas of taking over this farm, so it might as well start sooner than later, or so Glenn thinks.

I am so greatful to be able to give this lifestyle to our children. It is a lot of work, and it is

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things I see out here

I love seeing my cows out on pasture. Especially this gal. I named her Alley because she used to lay in the ally of the free stall barn before we fixed it. Duane was smart enough to change the design of the barn just enough to give the cows more space. By leaving the front of the stalls open the cows feel like they will have room to get back up again. Cows lunge forward quite a ways when getting up from laying down.
This is just up the road a pace. I saw this coyote along a ditch. It's not a great picture, but it's the best I could get at this distance from the car. The best part was that I had my kids with me and they got to see it all. He just stood looking at us for a minute before raising his big fluffy tail and trotting away from us.
I see a once great farm dog who has decided to do kitten daycare in her self declared retirement. Molly once ran ahead and moved horses, stayed outside protecting every farm critter we had, but not anymore. She is a kitty lover.
If you look closely you can see the doe who comes in looking for apples in the late summer. We see more deer in our driveway than in the fields. One night when we came home late there was a buck and a couple does in this same spot. As you come up our drive, there is a point just befor the apple trees where the pines are on one side of the drive and the maples are on the other, making the driveway itself the only route out. We stopped to look at the deer and the buck, realizing we were blocking his only means of escape, decided to challenge us! Lucky for us, after getting pretty close he changed his mind, we also retreated, giving them ample space to leave.

Verizon useless card

I will first tell you that this is about my 4th attempt to get this done. Why? Because I have a verizon wireless card as my internet access and this dumb thing will drop conection every few minutes. So here I am working away, click and boom, just lost it all because I moved without double checking that I had internet connection. That is so agrivating to me that I thought Verizon would want me to share that tid bit with the world!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our new American made Holland Gas Grill

I went on a search for a good American made grill. I love this thing! It is a gas grill that just has on or off. It has a steel plate above that burner that gets hot, distributing the heat. Above that is the drip pan, so no flare ups burning up your food. The drip pan also doubles as a water resivoir to steam vegetables! It also has a drawer for wood chips, so you can add that lovely smoke flavor.

It has a lifetime warranty on most parts and a 15 year on the rest. Now that shows confidence in your product! Check it out for yourself on the Holland web site.

Cooking perfection that is fool proof! I have had everyone cooking on this grill for their first time grilling. Glenn made us Hickory smoked chicken, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli. It was the juiciest chicken I ever had off a grill. Somehow this grill works a bit like a convection oven/steamer, it just holds in the juices. No more dry chicken or shriveled up burgers!

I cooked brats and burgers the next day. Daniel, my ex-Amish kid, cooked baked potatoes and grilled steaks on it. No charred fat on the steaks from high flying flames!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dangerous Weather!

It's that time of year when everyone on the farm gets excited about Spring. For Duane and I there is the normal farmer reaction.....hurry we have a lot to get done!

Glenn is excited to get done with school and go outside in the sunshine.

So why is this weather so dangerous you ask? Because I won't let Sadie have her sweat shirts! This leaves her arms with an uneasy feeling of nakedness. Nothing can turn her attitude like a change she can actually feel. So far this very morning toast has been tossed, a chandelier has been swung, tears have been shed, and the neck of the offending short sleeve shirt has been stretched. My quick reaction is all that kept that shirt from being tore right down the front. Yes, she is just that strong.

For now, she is back to telling us she loves us, telling us she is pretty, and using you usual sweet toddler voice. Sadie is almost fifteen and still talks like a toddler in verbiage and tone. It is really very sweet. I will take while it lasts. The funny thing with Sadie is that this could last for an hour or a day. We just have to be aware and ready for when something triggers her frustration of not having her arms covered and it all starts over again.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A day for a Picnic

What a beautiful day! It is so nice to open all the windows and let the fresh air flow threw the house. Jeana, the nanny, took Sadie and her own daughter, Hollie to the park with a picnic lunch. The girls will sleep so good after a day in the fresh air. What fun for them. I on the other hand, have to enjoy the breeze from inside the house. I am getting much over due paperwork done today. But the breeze and sound of birds makes any job more pleasant.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

High Quality Milk

I am pumped up with pride right now! This is our second year running the farm and we just received our second award!

My first goal on this farm is to have happy employees and cows. I think this award is proof that we are achieving that goal.

We give our employees a percentage of our quality bonus that we get on our milk check. At first we gave out a rare tiny check, but now we get a substantial amount every month. By sharing and educating our employees, I have made them serious team players on our farm. That works better for them, me and our cows. Cows need to be happy and healthy to give good quality milk. Employees need to feel like a part of the team to give their best effort.
I really do appreciate my employees efforts on our farm! We have a great group of guys.
When I see stories in the news about farmers abusing their cows I am amazed at the stupidity. Not only does it appall me that anyone could be so cruel, but it costs them money. A cow that is even a little stressed by being moved to a different pen will slow her milk production down, and that's when it's done with calm quiet hands. Now, what must happen if a person is loud and abusive to one of these docile creatures? Her production drops and her milk can lose quality. Call me crazy, but I have so much respect for the cows and horses in my life.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sadie and horses

I just love the fact that we have horses for the kids to enjoy. We have gone on the "shore to shore" ride a few times. That is crossing Michigan from Empire to Otsego on horse back. We did it with the buggy. What an experience for the kids. Talk about a history lesson.

One thing we all noticed is that Sadie talks a lot more after every crossing. So a couple years ago we asked Laura Steenrod of Fieldstone farm to give Sadie riding lessons. Laura is an absolute angel! Sadie spit on her and acted like a crazed child for the first few lessons, but Laura stuck with it. Now 2 years later Sadie is as good as any girl can be, she rides her pony at a trot and talks up a storm.

This particular picture is of Glenn's pony Summer that he broke to the cart himself. What a good pony! She obviously is willing to haul as many people as he can squeeze on his cart.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to talk fertilizer

I am looking into another crazy idea! How about fertilizing my fields with raw milk instead of chemicals that have lasting bad effects.

If you want to, here is an article I read about the guy who discovered the benefits by mistake. Read about David Wetzel.

This article mostly talks about using milk on pastures, but I am waiting for a newly published article that claims it will help with other crops as well. That seems like simple common sense to me. Shock of all shocks, it is way cheaper. I should thank the processors of my milk for paying so little that they have given me a money saving better use for my milk.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life with Sadie and autism

I have to spend more time sharing my Sadie stories. (Sadie is our 14 year old daughter with autism.)

Friends invited us to their house for dinner after Mass today. Sadie was excited to go to dinner. I brought her portable DVD player, she likes to put on head phones and tune us out and that's fine. So that's what she did, started her movie right after she greeted Sue and Antony.

When it came time for dinner Sadie was overwhelmed and wouldn't join us.  For Sadie, sitting different people around a little dinner table at once, where people sit across from you and talk is sometimes too much. That seemed okay until I went to check on her a few minutes later. She had stayed in the living room which is out of sight from the dining room, I heard her saying "did put it in the fire" over and over again. Now with Sadie, that could be something that just happened, and yes they did have a fire going in the fireplace, or it could be about the time she through something in the fireplace at our house 6 years ago.

Well, it was recent. She had taken off her tights and panties, put her tights back on, and her panties were in the fire! Nothing like being a guest in someones house and having your daughter burn her own panties at the party.

As the parents, this is not what you want to happen, but we are blessed to have understanding friends. I like to keep these little memories for a good giggle in the future. Most of the time Sadie is a good girl, she's just what we lovingly call high maintenance.

We are not always proud of the things Sadie does, she can be down right embarassing at times, but we love her with all our hearts just the same. I think there are a lot of parents out there with special children who can really relate to this, that's why I decided to share more. Maybe even parents that don't deal with this sort of thing will read and be more understanding, or like us, just get a good laugh at life.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Make my nutrionist story clear

I just read my last 2 postings and realized it didn't sound right. My newest nutritionist are Arron Park and Steve Fitzner. I had another guy in the middle that didn't work out.

Aaron and Steve have put this farm in order for me. They sell Kalmbach feed and it is great stuff!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Tank Runnith Over!

Our new nutritionists, Aaron Park and Steve Fitzner have us on the right track. In fact we did so good today that our bulk tank overflowed and milk ran on the floor! A much better problem to have!

We have been through a lot on the farm in the last 6 weeks. We changed our nutritionist once and that didn't work out for us. Our production dropped 20 pounds of milk a day per cow! Do the math on that with 120 cows and $20 per cwt milk. We lost a small fortune in one short month.

Recently I figured out I was losing even more. My cows quit cycling! No cows in heat means no cows getting bred. No calves and no milk follows that. That put a big drop in our success rate for artificial insemination, but it is all better now and we will recover.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Way better cow feed!

We have a new nutritionist team; Steve Fitzner and Aaron Park are my new best friends! These two are not just good at what they do, they understand that I don't want to be a conventional, commercial dairy farm. They are really helping me get stuff done the way I want it. Most guys act like I am crazy and it can't be done. These two don't even bat an eye.

We also have our chickens on an all natural, antibiotic free feed. Better eggs for all!

I am so pumped up about getting the cows out on pasture again this spring. I am totally pleased with the way things are going. I really want to thank all my cow share holders for your support! We are making huge steps in the right direction. Now that I have the cows diet in order, I will set my heifers up with proper facilities. At that point, I will begin to redo the parlor. I have big ideas for a better place to milk the cows, as well as a better place for you all to gather your milk. It will take me some time, but it will happen.

Cream Separator

Cow share holders get ready. I have decided to buy a cream separator! I will be purchasing the separator and pint bottles. Any of you experienced holders have advice or ideas? All comments are invited.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Glenn loves his chickens! We now have our chickens eating feed from the new feed company. They are on an all natural chicken feed, no antibiotics, no GMO. How cool is that- better eggs for all of us! Remember to grab some of his farm fresh eggs when you are at the farm.

Glenn has a ledger and has to keep track of his income and expenses from the chicken operation. He also mows a few lawns and snow blows driveways if we have any snow. I think it is important for kids to learn how to take care of money, especially if he wants to take over a farm business. I don't think our economy would be in such bad shape if more people knew how to take care of their money.

This picture is not his laying hens, these are his pets.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Pour your milk into either a sun tea jug or a glass bowl. If you use a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap. Allow the cream to float to the top over night; you will see the line between the two. Pull off the cream (I use a gravy ladle) or drain the milk out of the tea jug from the tap.

Put the cream and ½ teaspoon of salt in a stand mixer and beat it on high until it looks like scrambled eggs (about 5 minutes) then beat it another 30seconds.

You will see water separating from it. This is actually buttermilk and should be poured out into a container for future use. I like to use it in pancakes or biscuits.

Once buttermilk forms remove bowl from stand mixer and fill bowl with cold, running water. With your hands, squeeze the butter together to form a ball. Keep massaging the ball of butter under cold water until the water runs clear. This will assure that all the buttermilk is removed and that your butter will stay fresh longer. Once water runs clear, remove ball-o-butter from bowl and wrap in parchment paper and chill in refrigerator, or slather on some toasted bread like I did!


Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese

Homemade fresh mozzarella cheese has fabulous flavor. The instructions here for making your own at home are detailed but not difficult. Rennet and citric acid can be found in health food stores and specialty markets.

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes

• 1/2 rennet tablet

• 1/4 cup cool, chlorine-free water (most bottled waters are chlorine-free)

• 1 gallon milk

• 2 teaspoons citric acid

• Salt, optional

Crush the rennet into the water and stir to dissolve. Pour milk into a non-reactive pot (no aluminum or cast iron). Place over medium heat. Sprinkle the citric acid over the milk and stir a few times. Heat milk to 88 degrees F. Milk will begin to curdle.
At 88 degrees F, add the rennet solution and continue stirring slowly every few minutes until the milk reaches 105 degrees F. Turn off the heat. Large curds will appear and begin to separate from the whey (the clear, greenish liquid).
With a slotted spoon or mesh strainer, scoop the curd into a large glass bowl. (If it's still too liquid, let it set for a few more minutes). Press the curds gently with your hand and pour off as much whey as possible. Microwave curds on high for 1 minute, then drain off all the excess whey. With a spoon, press curds into a ball until cool. Microwave two more times for 35 seconds each, and After each heating continue to drain the whey and work cheese into a ball. In the meantime, place the whey over medium heat and let it heat to about 175 degrees F.
When cheese is cool enough to touch, knead it like bread dough until smooth. When you can stretch it like taffy, it is done. You can sprinkle 1 to 2 teaspoons salt into the cheese while kneading and stretching it. The cheese will become stretchy, smooth and shiny. If it is difficult to stretch and breaks easily, dip it into the hot whey for a few seconds to make it warm and pliable. Then pick it up again and stretch it into a long rope. Fold over and stretch again. Dip in hot whey as needed to make the cheese pliable.

When the cheese is smooth and shiny (this takes just a few minutes), it is ready to eat. Shape it into a log or golf-size balls, then store in a solution of 2 teaspoons salt to 1 cup water.

Note: Citric acid and rennet are available through mail order, some pharmacies or health food stores.

Yield: about 3/4 pound mozzarella cheese (12 ounces)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Daniel is the ex-Amish young man that lives with us. This is his team of Half lingers pulling the sleigh. Quick before we have 40 degrees again.
I like to tease him about using horses so much, he hasn't really let his past life go. It's fun to watch him and his team run around the neighborhood giving rides or working hard.
Daniel and his team, Toby and Bob get all our firewood to heat the house and our water. He also supplies my 80 year old father-in-law with wood. It's a good way to keep the woods and fence rows cleaned up, as well as amuse the neighbors.