Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glenn gets to help this year

First, I have to laugh at myself. I get interrupted and lose track of what I'm doing all the time. I was letting Glenn read my last post when I realized that I had posted before I actually finished my story. I was only going to say that farming cannot be looked at like a job, it is a life style choice.

We are very busy this spring. Every spring is busy, but this year my father in law is in a care home after a small stroke. He is doing great and should be home this week, but even then the doctor said no field work for Lauren! Not having his help is a big adjustment for my husband, they have worked as a team all his life.

Time for Glenn to step up to the plate. Our son Glenn has been wanting to help on the farm as long as we can remember. Finally his dad has been asking him to help. Glenn is so proud to help his dad. He has disked a field for him, run the culipacker, and picked up stones with the skid steer. Yesterday he had to go mow a hay field! He did a good job and the rows are nice and straight. I knew he could do it, but out of desperation his dad had to give him a chance to prove himself.

There is nothing like a kid getting to take pride in himself. Glenn is proud of his work and thrives on having his dad proud of him. So many people think that having a kid work is mean, but they don't realize how much they are actually depriving the child. And we wonder why there are so many kids getting into trouble, at least they get recognition from their peers that way. Kids need to be told they are great, we need to make a choice at what they are going to be great at.