Monday, October 22, 2012

Was that just a bad dream....asks the hen

I have been complaining about a hen that always get out and sleeps in my garage. I guess she got the message and moved to another shed. One without lights! I decided to take the spare car to the farm at 4am to run the cows off the pasture. Just after I pulled out of the drive I heard something fall off the car (maybe a branch?). On my way back to the house I saw something on the side of the road, but it's still dark out. I got half way up the drive (ours is rather long), when it hit me.....was that a chicken? I back down the drive and head down the road to find a hen sitting on the edge of the road, still. I stop and get out to take a look. She's alive, but kinda laying on her side, and it obviously scared the you know what out of her because there is a pile of it behind her. Story ends with the hen realizing she is not dead, it was a night mere, she jumps to run, I catch her, carry to the car, bring her home and put her back in the coop where it is safe to sleep.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Duane!

I'm in shock today. I am now married to a 60 year old man! How is that possible? He thinks it's funny that this would affect me when he is that got so old.

Well, however it happened, I still love him and am glad I married him. He really doesn't seem that old to me.

Today we will take his parents out to dinner with us to celebrate. Imagine how they must feel having a son that is 60!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Where have I been?

Sadie and Janet with Big Boy
I have been so busy that I have not taken time to write anything. Here's what I have been up to.

A month ago Sadie and I stopped in one day to see my mother in  law. One thing Janet used to do back when she drove, was take Sadie to Big Boy. So that's what those two wanted to do. Back then, Janet took a picture of Sadie with Big Boy at least a few times a year. I figured it was time for another one.

We got a lot more pasture fenced in. My brother wasn't liking beinging home alone so soon after losing his wife. As a good sister should, I saw a way to make that work for both of us. He spent a few weeks making some great changes on the farm for us, I paid his bills off. It was also just fun for both of us to spend time together like that. Karl has never been around a farm to this degree. He actually enjoyed our cows. Besides the fence, he cleaned out the top of a batn to be turned into an office for me, along with room for storage. He took the siding off the freestall barn to allow better air flow for the cows on those super hot days we had. He also did a lot of little repairs that are always needed on an old farm.

Someone shot a heifer at 3 o'clock one morning that was almost due to calve. She lived 12 days, the vet thought she had a good chance of making it. Once she went into labor things went down hill fast. Apparently the strain of pushing out a calf caused something inside to burst. No, we don't know who shot her or why. They shot her with steal goose shot, so it was never meant to kill her, just evil, and cruel.

My inherited friend, Cheree came for a visit. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but she organized my garage and basement for me. When we remodeled the kithchen, stuff got moved to the basement and garage. It's one of those projects that drive you nuts because they aren't done, but when you are farming they never make it to the top of the priority list. In fact, I had told her I would help, but the truth is I got pulled away to do so many things, she pretty much did it all herself.

Last week Sadie ripped the side mirror out of it's socket on the Suburban. That will be a $300 fix. Everyone asks why she did it. Who knows why Sadie does what she does, it's the fun of living with autism. Actually, these moments are rare enough to make her more fun than frustrating.