Friday, November 16, 2012

Out of controll hen

I told you about the hen on the car. This hen is just always looking for trouble. I get up at 4:30, when hens should still be sleeping. 

A couple days ago, I get up, and when I hear a critter rattling the water pail I go in the bathroom and fill it. Our 2 rambunctions kittens are only 9 weeks old so they need water to the top of the bucket in order to reach it.

I went to the basement and grabbed the clean wipes for the milk house, and back up stairs to get ready.

I hear a wierd noise in that same bathroom....I am around enough animals to know their sound meanings. This is a complaint that someone is too close to them. Not a dog growl... maybe a cat growl?

I walk in the bathroom the scond time I hear the complaint because I can't quite put a finger on that noise.

Stop in your tracks and let your jaw hit the ground!

There is that hen! Yes someone is too close, the kittens are between her and the door, she thinks she is cornered.

But wait!! I was just in there
where did that hen come from
and why is there a chicken in my house?!