Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm Kids

My favorite time of day has been my quiet time, moving the cows out of pasture all by myself. Just me and the girls moving slowly back to the barn. I love hearing their feet drag throught the grass, it sounds like a flock of birds taking flight. I compare it to that because one day at 4 in the morning when I went to get the girls it was only a partial moon and I had forgot my flashlight. When the herd first took off walking I thought I had actually stirred up a flock of birds before I realized it was the cow legs draging in the tall grass, not wings flopping in the air.

Now I bring Sadie with me in the afternoon to gather the girls for the evening milking. Sadie loves it, and the cows really seem to enjoy her as well.

I have also handed Glenn the job of putting the girls out on pasture. Glenn has big ideas of taking over this farm, so it might as well start sooner than later, or so Glenn thinks.

I am so greatful to be able to give this lifestyle to our children. It is a lot of work, and it is

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things I see out here

I love seeing my cows out on pasture. Especially this gal. I named her Alley because she used to lay in the ally of the free stall barn before we fixed it. Duane was smart enough to change the design of the barn just enough to give the cows more space. By leaving the front of the stalls open the cows feel like they will have room to get back up again. Cows lunge forward quite a ways when getting up from laying down.
This is just up the road a pace. I saw this coyote along a ditch. It's not a great picture, but it's the best I could get at this distance from the car. The best part was that I had my kids with me and they got to see it all. He just stood looking at us for a minute before raising his big fluffy tail and trotting away from us.
I see a once great farm dog who has decided to do kitten daycare in her self declared retirement. Molly once ran ahead and moved horses, stayed outside protecting every farm critter we had, but not anymore. She is a kitty lover.
If you look closely you can see the doe who comes in looking for apples in the late summer. We see more deer in our driveway than in the fields. One night when we came home late there was a buck and a couple does in this same spot. As you come up our drive, there is a point just befor the apple trees where the pines are on one side of the drive and the maples are on the other, making the driveway itself the only route out. We stopped to look at the deer and the buck, realizing we were blocking his only means of escape, decided to challenge us! Lucky for us, after getting pretty close he changed his mind, we also retreated, giving them ample space to leave.

Verizon useless card

I will first tell you that this is about my 4th attempt to get this done. Why? Because I have a verizon wireless card as my internet access and this dumb thing will drop conection every few minutes. So here I am working away, click and boom, just lost it all because I moved without double checking that I had internet connection. That is so agrivating to me that I thought Verizon would want me to share that tid bit with the world!