Monday, February 3, 2014


We had to say good-bye to our dog Molly this week. Everyone has lost that beloved pet that is as much a pet as a part of the family, but Molly was also a working partner.

Molly spent years working by my side. We had to feed all the animals, do the yard work, load the wood stove, whatever I did, she was there.

She was also the boss and caregiver of all the animals. When kid goats were born, she was there to protect them and take care of anything she felt the mother goat was not doing well enough. She'd take over cleaning if twins were born and mama couldn't get them both cleaned up and dry.

If you brought a new animal on the farm, she was there to make sure it followed all the rules. Don't leave the yard, don't bark at the horses, don't bother the cats, don't chase the chickens, and don't think you are getting her family to just pet you.

Molly was famous for stealing kittens. She actually nursed and raised two tom cats that stayed by her side for years. It was so funny to see those cats follow her all over the yard.

Molly made a pass around the perimeter of the yard at least once a day. She kept in what belonged in, and out what belonged out.

When the Animal control stopped by to tell me that neighbors had reported seeing a cougar near the house my friends and family worried about my kids. I worried about Molly, because I new she would give up her life to save those kids.

And how many people can one dog nip and get away with it? It was a lot for Molly. If your child was on our property, that child was then protected by Molly. That seems perfect until you try to pick your toddler up. If you came to the house, you better go to the door before you try to grab a kid, she had to hear it from me that you had permission.

Am I sad that she is gone? I feel she gave me many years of voluntary services, she was never on a chain or caged in, she stayed out of loyalty. The past year was a hard one on Molly. She lost her hearing, and she loved to be talked to. She had breast cancer removed. Once another tumor showed up that seemed to be painful to her, I took her to the vet. Because I have a very respectable vet, I asked him the hard question, is it her time, I won't let her suffer to save me heartache. At first he thought he could just remove the painful tumor, but x-rays revealed her lungs were full of tumors too. That explained why she slept the last couple months away. So we said good-bye to my best partner ever.

Now I will find another pup of similar blood lines and give that dog the best life I can offer. Molly would like that. I know I can't really replace her, but I can try to duplicate it closely.


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  2. Molly was your good friend and working partner. Have you got your new partner?